Match Report:
Oundle 1 – 5 Leicester

Oundle ladies 1s faced off against Leicester 1s at home today on a very drizzly and grey Saturday morning.
Think I speak for the nation when I say everyone is ready for some warmer and brighter weather. We had smiles on our faces despite the rain and some quality tunes playing for our warm up. Our team were struggling for a Goalie this week but I offered to give it a whirl only to be met with the song ‘I came in like a wrecking ball’ as I rocked up to the pitch. Whether this was coincidence or planned I’m not sure, however ‘I came in like a rusty spade’ might have been more apt.

Through absolutely no authority whatsoever, I henceforth now declare the first Saturday in March as Goalie Appreciation Day. Often the unsung heroes of our games and a few have been committed to the club for many years despite family commitments, educational demands, health and injury setbacks. Playing in goal certainly provided a new perspective of the game this weekend, and probably the most pressure I’ve experienced. Despite the defensive players working as a team, every goal that came over the line felt a little heart-breaking which I’m sure Goalies can relate with. In addition, there’s a rapid emotional rollercoaster of euphoria to despair when saving a shot on goal only for the opposition to get the rebound 3 seconds later. The elation quickly followed by the feeling of utter disappointed weighs heavy. My emotions have never been so volatile or my language so fruity during those moments. Effin rebounds!!!

A big shout out to our squad of Goalies; Liv Belcher, Karen Darrington, Persia Khairandish, Lana Leeson and Lizzie Furber as well as several other players who have stepped up to the role in recent games; Jude Robinson and Meg Purdie.

Our opposition this week were Leicester 1s, who were well drilled and quick to react. They were ready to attack once in the D and they were masters at the rebound. We really pushed the counter attack, and had a lovely reverse stick goal from Tasha Darrington. But sadly 2 short corners didn’t go our way and one goal was disallowed which would have made the games score a lot closer. As always the mid-fielders had a blinding game. Issy Gorely, Charli Elphinstone and Hattie Smith in particular are an impressive trio, supporting every element of play. Abbie Hodgson-Jones had some beautiful moments down the left wing, facilitating some great passes and being relentless in her attack.

An unfortunate loss this week but we’re looking forward to final few weeks of the season and bringing the best hockey we can.

Keep calm and hug your Goalie!

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