Match Report:
towcester 4 – 1 oundle

From Lionel Richie to Nirvana as the title to encapsulate this weeks game is ‘Smells like team spirit…’

Oundle ladies 1s travelled to play Towcester 3s on an unusually warm October day. Illness and injury affected availability this week but the 1s and 2s merged their impeccable forces to ensure our game could go ahead. A huge thank you to players who stepped up and met the double challenge of a change in their usual position coupled with less familiar team mates this week. Further injuries during the game and no subs meant players were asked to change positions mid match and cover multiple positions. One such player was Hattie Smith, who undoubtedly covered the most ground in the game today. She was asked to play as an attacking midfield but in the blink of an eye was back making interceptions and clear outs from our defensive D. Additionally, Jude Robinson held her position perfectly today playing wide on the right wing. She consistently provided a strong option when our defence had a 16 or 23 yard hit out and was reliably able to carry the ball forward. 

When play was outside of either D, it’s fair to say that both teams were equally strong and the game was fast paced spreading the length and breadth of the pitch. Oundle had a few chances on goal in the first half but the opposition were able to swarm on any attempts at a strike on goal. In contrast, Towcester were awarded many short corners throughout the game. Most of them justified as my feet in particular were magnetic for the ball today. And credit where it’s due, Towcester had a strong short corner play up their sleeve and scored their 4 goals as a result of these. 

Talking of credit where it’s due, Oundle never stopped fighting despite being 4-0 down with 10 minutes of the game remaining. Helen Smith made a spectacular interception in our defensive half, and travelled the ball into attack. Helen then made a textbook pass to Kat Hughes in the centre midfield who carried the ball half the length of the pitch into the D. Training paid off this week and Kat led the GK wide to the back line before passing the ball toward the penalty spot where Grace Vanbergen was waiting to get the goal! Another one to add to her goal tally but with a beautiful assist from Kat and Helen. Whilst on the subject of Grace Vanbergen, she may have the most speed and skill to carry the ball on the left wing with a one handed reverse stick that the club has ever seen. To say I’m in awe is an understatement. 

Towcester had the substance today winning 4-1 but Oundle can certainly take the win for style in their performance.  Both ladies teams are back on home turf next weekend with the 1s playing Northampton Saints 3, and the 2s playing Grammarians.

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