Match Report:
Oundle 7-3 Long Buckby

Greetings avid readers and welcome to 2024 and the second half of our season. Before we get down to business, I have a public service announcement to make.  Former  Ladies 1s Captain Hannah Postlethwaite (and Queen of the right wing) is getting married this year to the lovely Jack. I mention this because before the game today she had a meeting with their vicar who must have a put a good word in for us. I’m not a religious person but the Gods were shining down on us today and saw a whopping ‘S Club’ 7-3 victory for our Ladies 1s. We will have to add a quick Hail Mary to our warm up routine from now on! 

Prayer time over, let’s ‘Bring it all back’ to Hockey and cheesy pop songs. Our second innings are now well underway and today Oundle Ladies 1s and 2s returned to their home turf for the first time this year with mince pies and turkey now a distant memory. Oundle 1s faced Long Buckby 1s for the second time this season. We narrowly got the win back in September so we were eager to demonstrate what we can do on our home pitch. 

It would seem that a few of our Oundle Ladies have got their eye on the ‘Top goal scorer’ award for the season as they came out fighting this week.  We saw a hat-trick from Oundle Legend Tasha Darrington as well as Striker extroadinaire Kerry-Ann Graham, and the final goal going to the one and ‘Holy’ Hannah Postlethwaite. 

The game was a masterclass in goal scoring. We showed off brilliant assists from Charli Elphinstone down the left wing before handing off to Tasha. Hannah as always strong down the right wing. There were reverse stick flicks and the pièce de résistance from Kerry was a textbook short corner strike just before half time. This undoubtedly contributed to her getting player of the match this week. Charli and Emma Aubury had a superb game, almost certainly covering the most ground of all players this week. And H.Smith x 2 continue to be a dependable duo on the pitch, always where they should be and hardly let play pass them.  Let’s hope this win boosts our confidence for the remainder of the season.

A very Happy New Year from Oundle Ladies, here’s hoping 2024 brings all our players, supporters and families a year of health, wealth and happiness.

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