Match Report:
Oundle 5 – 1 Towcester

Welcome to this weeks match report and what a corker of a game it was today for Oundle Ladies 2s. The theme and song this week is ‘Unstoppable’, as it captures the essence of the entire team but a few individuals absolutely deserve a mention for their performance today.

After a frosty start to the day Oundle Ladies 2s faced Towcester 5s at home and the sun was shining for a glorious day of hockey. I want to put it out there that the club needs a new inter-club competition for the fastest goal scored from the first whistle as I think 2s Captain ‘Gaz-Ella’ Andrews is in with a strong shout of winning. ‘Gazelles are known as swift animals’ (Wikipedia, 2024), and my goodness this must be Ella’s spirit animal. The first whistle is blown, I’m still putting in my gum shield, and ‘Gaz-Ella’ (Gaz for short from now on) makes a dazzling play and scores in the first 17 seconds! Bravo! And what a start to the game!

Towcester 5s had some skilful players themselves but they were over powered by our mids and forwards in particular today. As always, Helen Smith and Alex Duck made a formidable duo in the centre midfield but extra praise goes to Charlotte Webb and Caitlin Isaac this week. Without a doubt they worked their socks off for the team during the match. Charlotte demonstrated incredible speed today, running rings around the opposition quite literally. Charlotte and Tasha Darrington showed off an amazing 1-2-1 manoeuvre whereby Charlotte passed to Tasha before running the long way around the opposition down the wing, Tasha swiftly reverse stick passed it back to Charlotte who delivered it into the D. Absolutely beautiful hockey!

Caitlin Isaac might look gentle and sweet but she is a force not to be messed with on the pitch. ‘Storm Caitlin’ as she will be known from now on, had all the strength on those 95mph winds last weekend! Where has this confidence come from? Because keep it coming! She made some great interceptions, moving the ball across the width of the pitch. And not backing down when confronted by the opposition. Caitlin and Charlotte win the prize for most ground covered in today’s game in my opinion.

Back to some goal scoring! Gaz was determined to get a greater lead for the team today, and around 18 minutes into the first half, got her second goal. This was followed a few minutes later by a great strike from Helen Smith. Leaving us 3-0 in the lead at half time. The opposition had a few attempts on goal but the defence today worked hard to keep the ball out of our defensive D. Mrs Miyagi (Vicky Catt) was back on fine form as we’ve come to rely on. She is cool, calm and collected during the game, nothing seems to make her panic, including being closed in on by 4 of the opposition at once. She still won the ball and made a beautiful clear out from defence. Her hamstrings could rival those of Helen’s with her low blocks, strong side and on the reverse stick. Emily Burdett is following in her footsteps as she is another cool cucumber under pressure in defence. And Jude Robinson may well be the kindest player to ever grace to club, but don’t mistake her kindness for weakness as she is our secret weapon, an assassin in defence and not to be underestimated. Further goals came in the second half, a hat-trick for Gaz earning our Captain player of the match and the fifth goal from Oundle legend Tasha Darrington. Onward and upwards ladies, let’s hope the winning continues…

‘I’m unstoppable
I’m a Porsche with no brakes
I’m invincible
Yeah, I win every single game
I’m so powerful
I don’t need batteries to play
I’m so confident
Yeah, I’m unstoppable today’

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